Training course “Cultural entrepreneurship”

The training course “Cultural entrepreneurship” was delivered by the GIOCA research group – University of Bologna, coordinated by Prof. Luca Zan, through 5 seminars in 5 days, from Monday January 29th to February 26th, 2018. It involved 30 museums and cultural professionals coming from all over the country. 


The training aim was to understand the implications of entrepreneurship in managing cultural organizations. Each of the 5 modules dealt with a specific aspect under which the issue of entrepreneurship can be articulated in the field:  1. General introduction: a resource based view; 2. Relation to the audience/clients; 3. Context/impact: networking, politics, stakeholders, society; 4. Financial sustainability; 5. Change, planning, leadership. A short revisiting of some of the basic managerial knowledge for arts organization was provided to participants, among which public-private partnerships, human resources management, visitor orientation, business model.


The didactic methodology included a combination of training sessions, pre-reading assignments, group discussions, self-reflections and brainstorming sessions. In this way participants could learn, discuss and exchange views on interesting practices and case studies both national and international, key challenges, problems and solutions in the management of cultural organizations. Within a final assignment, to be presented and discussed in a follow-up to be held in June, participants are also asked to reconstruct and analyse the main managerial issues and challenges of their own organization in the last 20 years, and to propose prospects of change for the next 5 years.