The specific objectives of this project are:

  • to define the cultural entrepreneurship concept, contributing to the mutual understanding and recognition in the transnational context;
  • to research the topic of cultural entrepreneurship in the member states and in the European context and build a long-lasting strategic partnership of key education, governmental and sector representing organizations in 3 EU member states around a common research agenda;
  • to create a competence framework (analyzed through the collaboration of universities and sector professionals) – based on an analysis of the present gap between what is required to manage foundations and museums and what it is currently learned in universities and VET, in every participating member state.
  • to contribute to the 'cultural entrepreneur' curriculum by agreeing on the specific elements / skills necessary and effective ways to obtain these skills; using innovative techniques within current established fields as community building, corporate fundraising, crowdfunding, event management and heritage exploitation;
  • to develop a cultural entrepreneurship VET training course pilot specifically aimed at staff of smaller museums and cultural heritage organizations, experiment with it in the field, and possibly obtain the proper EC accreditation of the VET training course;
  • to exploit the training course and the project results, within the parter organizations, but also Europe-wide by means of the creation of a cultural entrepreneurship online platform and community that will live on after the project.

Erasmus Plus priorities

Development of high quality work-based VET
Developing basic and transversal skills using innovative methods

Contributing to the development of a European Area of Skills and Qualifications